Extended and Professional Education

Walter Cunningham speaking before a slide of John F. Kennedy.
Walter Cunningham, retired Marine colonel and Apollo 7 astronaut, discusses the mission’s historical significance as part of the university’s Clear Lake Association of Senior Programs “Visions in Our Midst” Distinguished Speaker Series.

Throughout its 40-year history, UHCL has answered the professional, educational, economic and cultural needs of the upper Texas Gulf Coast.  

Because learning is a lifelong journey, UHCL believes in offering members of the community a way to continue their education at any stage in life. If you are a working professional wanting to enhance skills, or someone looking to enrich your personal life through knowledge, UHCL can provide the classes to make it happen. The university offers a variety of programs, courses and workshops to meet your needs.

UHCL's extended and professional education programs are led by experts in their fields who will guide you through every step of your learning so that you leave UHCL ready to take on new challenges.

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