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Non-degree Seeking

Non-Degree seeking students are those who are seeking admission for reasons other than the pursuit of a degree such as personal enrichment, graduate certificates or 工作增强. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid. 应该 you decide to pursue a degree, you must reapply, pay the application fee and submit all of the required documents. Credit earned in non-degree status will not automatically be applicable to a specific academic degree program. Some graduate level courses are restricted to only degree-seeking students and the number of hours that can be applied to a Candidate Plan of Study(CPS)/degree plan may be limited.



瞬变 are students who will enroll in a non-degree-seeking status at UHCL for only one semester, generally to transfer coursework to another institution. 瞬态 students must provide all documents required for admission prior to registration. In some cases, you may be exempt from the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirement. However, all other admission requirements must be met.


A post-baccalaureate student has earned a bachelor’s degree or higher and is seeking to enroll for additional course work at the undergraduate level. An applicant to the teacher certification program, who will not pursue a graduate degree, should enroll as a post-baccalaureate student. Applicants who are seeking a second bachelor’s must submit all previous official transcripts. Applicants who are non-degree seeking must submit official transcripts for the highest degree earned and the last institution 参加了.


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