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Parking and Transportation

Spring 2024 Parking Permits Available for Purchase January 1, 2024!

The Spring 2024 parking permits will be available for purchase on January 1, 2024. Campus parking rules are currently enforced for all employee, student, and visitor lots. Vehicles not parked in the appropriate lot or without a valid parking permit are subject to a citation. Please purchase your parking permit today!

Please note the expiration dates on each permit before you purchase. Parking permits are repositionable. They can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

Reciprocal Agreements

Current parking permits issued by the parking offices or police departments of Alvin Community College, University of Houston, UH-Downtown, UH-Victoria and the UH-System are honored at UHCL and UHCL at Pearland, if the vehicle is parked in the appropriate parking area for the type of permit displayed.

Permits and Parking Lot Information

Parking permits will be issued under the condition that the applicant is in good standing and does not owe back fees or has other encumbrances. The parking permit is transferable to any passenger vehicle being operated by or for the permit holder. Individuals are not allowed to transfer ownership of a permit. Found permits shall be returned to the Parking and Transportation Department. Possession or use of a lost/stolen or forged/altered permit shall result in administrative and criminal charges. For more information, review Parking FAQs.


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